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    Round Loaf of Home made Bread made from rye, whole wheat flour aWhat if you could make a living sharing your passion for wholesome, unprocessed food? The type of food that has sustained people –and communities– around the world for generations?

    You are a food-aware mama…a health coach…nutritionist… chiropractor… or massage therapist.

    Now, imagine if, instead of just explaining to friends, family and your clients why REAL FOOD WILL SAVE OUR HEALTH (and maybe even the planet), you could teach it. Hands on.

    Instead of spending your spare time answering questions about how (and why) you make that sumptuous broth, sassy (yet simple) sauerkraut, or sensational sourdough bread, you could say:

    “Why don’t you come to my class?…”

    Whether you are a professional looking to increase your repertoire of hands-on skills so you can teach others, or are feeling ready to embrace a career with deeper meaning, this training could help you create transformation for yourself, others and the environment… 



    In Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen teacher training, you will:

    • Acquire the skills you need to teach others how to make nourishing and healing traditional foods…
    • Learn how to use the tried-and-true course material (so that you can jump right in to your business without having to spend years on research, writing and design).
    • Get the kind of confidence boost that comes from working with an experienced teacher.

    Maybe you have already taken baby steps toward your dream. Read the books. Started a blog. Taught a small class (or a group of friends)….

    But you are still waiting for the piece that will make it all click…


    I know exactly how you feel

    me and h

    It wasn’t that long ago that I *knew* what lit me up (real food that nourishes families, communities and the earth)…But I had no idea how I could make a living at it (short of leaving my family behind and heading back to university or college).

    And you know what?

    Going back to school just didn’t feel right… 

    Not just because I already had oodles of credentials and a young family, but also because none of the programs were actually teaching what I really wanted to know…

    What I really wanted to know was how to truly nourish my family according to the food wisdom that had served so many generations around the world (before marketers, multinational food corporations and the latest scientific study made it all seem so complicated…)

    I wanted to know how to make food that took nutrition-but also sustainability and community- into account. 

    And I wanted to know how families today could bring these traditional and time-tested concepts into their modern lives …without having to quit their job or spend *all day* in the kitchen.



    If you are anything like I was, you have been thinking, “I’ll know the right thing when I see it.”

    Photo from Jill Kantor. Traditional Foods teacher.

    Photo credit: Jill Kantor, Traditional Foods teacher.

    That’s why, after filling classes both online and in person, I created this teacher training program.

    It was exactly what I was looking for ten years ago…when I started my own journey…

    Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen was designed with busy (but committed) people like you in mind.

    The kind of people that find a way to cook meals between running the kids to soccer and piano. Who believe food is medicine. And that our food choices really do matter.

    The kind of people who give so much to others that they haven’t had time to focus on building a truly satisfying business of their own…

    It’s all here. The research…The handouts… all DONE FOR YOU.

    This is what some of the mothers, professionals, health coaches and entrepreneurs who took the program had to say about how they decided, what they thought, and whether they would recommend the program (that’s at the end so watch all the way through)…. 


    Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen Teacher Training was created especially for the “I-know-we-can-make-a-difference” mothers like you.

    The ones willing to go the extra mile.

    It’s meant to help you transform your passion for food and health, into a business.

    One that feels just as warm and nourishing as the meals you most love preparing…

    Reta Chapman
    “With a stick of butter in one hand, and a kraut pounder in the other, Adrienne brings passion and tradition to the kitchen.

    I learned so much in this class – and had so many questions answered.”

    ~ Reta Chapman

    What we cover

    • “How” to prepare traditional foods (from fat rendering to fermentation: check out the complete outline here)
    • The nutritional and cultural significance of traditional food
    • How to source good quality ingredients (and the difference between pastured, free-range and organic!)
    • How to implement a kitchen rhythm that works (so it’s all sustainable!)
    • How to organize a successful workshop, class or community event
    • A tried-and-true recipe for delivering courses that people love…
    • PLUS: Important business fundamentals that will get you started on the right foot…

    The benefits of teacher training:

    • Access to recipes and course material that is ready for you to simply print and hand out in your own classes
    • Access to the Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen inner circle– an online forum where you’ll be able to connect with, and get support from, other traditional foods teachers
    • Two, 40-min follow up sessions with me (one-on-one) via telephone following the completion of the course
    • An opportunity to secure a listing on the worldwide TWMK teacher directory – so it’s easy for people to find you and your classes
    • An opportunity to find your tribe. To build community with other women who really *get it*.



    How it’s delivered:

    Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen begins with a luscious, immersion in the delicious and satisfying world of traditional food. You can do this portion from anywhere in the world- each month you will get handouts, recipes, video demonstrations and a class recording (audio) on a complimentary subject (like gut health).

    ap working on ferments

    In Level 1 you will learn the practical hands-on food preparation skills (the ‘how’) and the some of the nutritional science (the ‘why’) of everything from fat rendering to fermentation (see more here).

    Then, in Level II we’ll dive into:

    • how to map out a business that feels right for your lifestyle
    • how to use the TWMK material in classes or with clients (as a series of classes or ‘a la carte’)
    • how to fully nourish ourselves so that we can continue to give to our families, communities and business

    “Adrienne has found a way to bring traditional wisdom into my busy and hectic lifestyle.

    Ashley PharazynThis class was fun, educational and showed me just how easy it is to implement these new skills into my own kitchen. It has also helped me find affordable ways to take care of my family. Our health has improved from introducing cultured foods into our daily diet, and I am so thankful for all of my new found knowledge.”

    ~ Ashley Pharazyn

     You can do it

    Did a little voice whisper, ‘this might be it’ when you found this course?  Maybe that’s because:

    • This training is meant to be totally manageable for folks with families.
    • It’s meant to enrich- not detract from- your life. Unlike the often competitive, high-pressure, detached learning environments of universities and colleges, this program is meant to be full of joy and shared, hands-on learning.
    • You don’t have to spend years pouring over the books, taking the classes and talking to the ‘experts’- I’ve done that. And I’ve brought everything I have learned, experienced and taught, into one manageable course.
    • I’ve used my own family as a compass to ensure it’s all doable for busy moms who are motivated by the dream of leaving the earth a better place for their children and future generations…

    Who this class *perfect* for…

    • People who would like to hone their traditional foods preparation skills
    • Anyone who would like to teach others about traditional foods and their benefits
    • Those who know in their heart that food, health and happiness are intimately connected!
    • People who would rather *inspire* than lecture
    • Anyone who gets excited about the endless possibilities of teaching traditional foods!

    Who this class is *not* for

    • Those who don’t like being in the kitchen
    • People who don’t believe there is anything to be gained from reclaiming traditional wisdom (this class is definitely not for you)

    Danielle Nykoluk“I signed up to learn some skills – hands on style.

    Reading about what and how to do things has worked for me (for some things), but other things seemed intimidating… This class was the perfect solution – I could hear it, read it and DO IT! Adrienne’s classes have solidified my knowledge and skills and I’ve gone back into my own kitchen and incorporated these new skills month by month with ease!”

    ~ Danielle Nykoluk

    Read what other students are saying here!

    Some details:

    • Both Level I and II classes are delivered online. Each month you will receive handouts, recipes, videos, and access to a q and a call (recorded for you if you can’t make the live call) and assignments.
    • Also: in Level II you get access to the full teacher training manual and you will receive a certificate of completion…
    • BONUS: Insider training and tips from special guests who have thriving businesses of their own. 

    Level I: Spring 2017

    Level II: Fall 2017

    Ready to sign up?

    Make a payment online and secure your spot immediately:

    Option 1

    Complete Level 1
    & Level 2 online

    • Take this training completely online so you can stay flexible with your schedule
    • Hear from special guests on nutrition and business
    • No travel required
    • Receive a hardcopy of the teacher’s manual and sample marketing material

    Note: Level 2 is delivered in a series of modules throughout the month when you complete Level 1 and the accompanying assignments

    Option 2

    ‘In the Field’
    3-day intensive

    • Level I (online) + Level II (location TBA)
    • Live workshops and training
    • Receive a hardcopy of the teacher’s manual and sample marketing material

    Note: Level I begins Spring 2017 and is REQUIRED for Level II certification set for Fall 2017

    *Airfare and accommodations not included


    *Are you a Level 1 alumni? Email us for alumni pricing.

    *U.S. friends: Program is priced in CDN dollars so you receive the benefit of an *American dollar* discount…

    TWMK Money Back Guarantee

    The TWMK tribe is full of committed, passionate women whose work is a catalyst for change in their community.

    That’s why, if you are not completely satisfied with the class, I will refund your tuition- *no questions asked.

    *Please note: Refunds are not available before the class starts or after the release of Module 2.


    Note: This course is unique and each class is limited to a small, intimate group. This ensures you are able to get support when you need it. Class materials are professionally designed and have been tested in live class settings with groups and individuals to ensure they are easy to use (both by you and your clients).

    Want to see one example of ROI (that’s financial speak for ‘how to make your money back’)?
    Just scroll down to the ‘By The Numbers’ scenario. 


    Still, have questions? 

    Reach my team: 
    info AT adriennepercy DOT com (looks funny but prevents spam)

    If you’d like, we’ll arrange a time for a call/Skype because it‘s reassuring to talk in person sometimes isn’t it?.

    Or, if it works better for you, just email your questions.




    …stellar job of connecting the wisdom of traditional health food techniques with the day-to-day realities of modern family life….

    sage-dave“Adrienne has taught an on-going series of traditional food skills courses at Sage Garden, earning consistently positive feedback from her students.

    Adrienne does a stellar job of connecting the wisdom of traditional health food techniques with the day-to-day realities of modern family life. She is often praised for her depth of knowledge and hands-on approach, which reflect her personal commitment to the techniques shared in class, and Adrienne’s broader involvement in the real food movement. I highly recommend her courses for an in-depth learning experience.”

    ~ Dave Hanson, Founder, Sage Garden Herbs


    For those of you who like to do the math (like I do )…

    Let’s sharpen our pencils and see what your investment *could return.

    Let’s say, for example, you decide to teach 3 classes this year…(Yes, only 3.)

    Each class participant paid $60/class. (Think you could get 10 participants in each class?)

    Well, 10×60= $600

    And you teach 3 classes this year….


    That means after only three classes you more than fully recover your costs

    This, in less hours than most people put in at the average office job in a week…

    Think you can do it? Sign up now…

    *Individual financial results will vary (of course) and are not guaranteed. 




    …little did I realize how much this course would change the way I look at food and my health!

    testimonial-andrea“When I started [Adrienne’s course], I was mostly just interested in finding an alternative to canning. I like having home-made preserves and storing produce away for winter, but I was not enjoying the process! Fermenting foods sounded a lot easier, and more creative. I was especially drawn in by [her] encouragement to experiment with ferments and suit the recipes to my own tastes. But little did I realize how much this course would change the way I look at food and my health!

    The seminars provided in this course gave me a whole new roadmap for understanding my body and released me from many of the ‘diet’ fears of our age. For years, I had always been careful about how much oil and animal fats I consumed, not only for fear of gaining weight but also because these foods usually led to painful stomach cramps, gas and nausea. However, this seemed to change overnight once I started drinking kefir and eating fermented foods. What’s more, cravings that I usually had for salty and sour foods were finally satisfied! I’m no longer fighting with my body and I actually understand what my body needs to be well-nourished. In a way, I have also found peace with food itself and feel free to be more creative and really love what I eat.

    On top of these health benefits, I have found cultured foods to be a way of growing the community around me. I always seem to be running in to people who want to know more and want to start learning these skills for themselves. Often, these people have also struggled with health problems that seem to disappear once they get ‘hooked’! I especially love overhearing my husband (who was initially cautious about fermenting) singing the praises of kefir to his friends and family. Teaching others about fermented foods has enriched many of our relationships and brought new people into my circle, and I’ve been blessed to see them support one another and myself as we work towards greater health in our community.”

    ~Andrea Wheeldon – Manitoba, Canada


    Why I love Traditional Foods

    • It draws on food wisdom that is tried and true and has nourished people all over the world
    • It helps ensure we are getting maximum nutrition from our food
    • It tastes good!
    • It’s deeply satisfying (creme fraiche, anyone?)
    • You cook the kind of food anyone- from your family to guests- can really enjoy (no tofurkey here!)
    • It builds community (potluck anyone?)
    • It encourages sharing (kefir, kombucha and sourdough cultures!)
    • It empowers people (not multinational corporations)
    • It supports a healthy model of agriculture
    • It’s kind (to the earth, to animals, to our children and our bellies 🙂







    I thought we were doing well before, but you have really helped clarify, simplify and basically transform our kitchen.

    Shauna Simpson Winnipeg, MB March 10, 2014

    Next Teacher Training

    Next Teacher Training

    Level I: Spring 2017

    Level II: Fall 2017

    For more information visit here

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