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    We love it when people get excited about what we’re doing!

    If you want to see what the media type folk are sayin’…here you go!


    CBC Television

    Homesteader Fest offers lessons in prairie life skills


    CBC Radio

    The Scene: Workshops teach urbanites homesteading skills for the city


    Winnipeg Free Press

    Taking Root


    The Canadian Press

    Living off the land: Homesteading catching on among many young Canadian families


    The Western Producer

    Festival celebrates going back in time


    And have you heard about the ‘wee lil’ festival we throw over at our homestead? Watch the video about Canada’s first DIY Homesteader Festival….





    I thought we were doing well before, but you have really helped clarify, simplify and basically transform our kitchen.

    Shauna Simpson Winnipeg, MB March 10, 2014

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    Next Teacher Training

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