• Holiday ‘Booch (Kombucha)

    By Danielle Nykoluk
    TWMK Certified Teacher

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    “Autumn, the time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”  
    ― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

    With the passing of the fall equinox and the majestic Harvest Moon, it is official – the seasons are shifting. The brilliant colours of fall are bursting, the crisps breezes are coming and the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday is very much around the corner.

    At this time of year, I can’t help but think ahead and plan for the burrowing away for another winter…

    This time of preparation for the eventual winter retreat brings about a bittersweet feeling within me.

    I mourn the loss of the brilliance of the summer; the hustle and bustle of days spent soaking up the sunshine and days on the beach, of long evenings and magnificent sunsets.  But I also look forward to the bounty of the harvest, of warm comforting cups of tea and the rich smell of fragrant spices mulling through the house from cooking, preserving and baking in celebration of the season and preparation for the winter ahead – of course all happening in the company of family and good friends.

    When I sense this shift I get a feeling inside telling me that it’s time to switch up the flavour of my “Booch” (kombucha) brew. What’s Kombucha?

    Last fall I began experimenting with different teas for Kombucha and found a delightful mix I like to call my “Holiday Booch”.  It’s a mix of black and chai tea with a second fermentation period with cinnamon and cranberry.  It’s so delicious that I can’t help but share it here!


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    Danielle’s Holiday Booch:

    I use a ratio of 14 cups of water to 1 cup sugar when brewing my Kombucha in a 4 litre (1 gallon) jar.

    6-8 tea bags – I use an even amount of fair trade black tea to fair trade chia tea.

    I use the following method when making my Kombucha.

    Once my kombucha has had an initial fermentation period of 7-14 days with the SCOBY, I transfer the brew into bottles that can withstand the development of some pressure (e.g. swing top bottles – like the ones Grolsch is bottled in or bottles with a twist lid that has some way of monitoring the pressure.)

    Once bottled, the “Booch” is ready for a second ferment that includes the addition of cranberries (fresh or frozen) and a stick of cinnamon (or a sprinkle – whatever you have on hand).  The addition of these two flavours adds so much the richness to the already spicy chai flavours.

    Once added, I let the Booch brew on the counter for another 8 hours, or over night, before having a class or transferring into cold storage.

    Nothing quenches my thirst better after a crisp autumn walk or bike ride then a glass of Holiday Booch.  It also pairs great with Pumpkin and/or Apple pie 😉


    Adrienne: Thanks, Danielle! My mouth is watering!

    Author bio

    danielle-NykolukDanielle is a certified traditional foods teacher, ecologically minded individual and young working professional in Winnipeg, aspiring to eventually become a back-to-the-lander.

    Until then, she resides in a small, two bedroom “wanna-be-farm-house-apartment” with her partner (and their 5 bicycles) in the heart of the city – cultivating their own *Gaian Wisdom*. Together, they make their own dirt (through farming worms – verma-composting), grow window herbs and plants, forage from near and far, and nurture various cultures of bacteria.

    Change for Danielle begins in her kitchen. Danielle believes in food that is respected and responsible (financially and ecologically), nourishing and connecting, and prepared using traditional wisdom. Danielle desires to advocate for change by sharing information and empowering and teaching people the skills to do-it-themselves – starting in their own kitchens!

    Danielle would love to invite you on over to her apartment to learn
    about traditional foods, or she’s be equally happy heading on over to your kitchen to teach you (and maybe some friends) there! Join Danielle and discover the roots of a revolution, in your own* kitchen.

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    I thought we were doing well before, but you have really helped clarify, simplify and basically transform our kitchen.

    Shauna Simpson Winnipeg, MB March 10, 2014

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