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    Are you interested in learning how to prepare truly nourishing meals built on the principles that sustained people around the world for generations?
    Do you want to go beyond the latest fad and nutritional headlines?

    pouring whey

    Maybe you like the idea of it all but worry it won’t be sustainable for you-  that you don’t have the time or money to eat like an organic hipster.

    Or that your family won’t eat anything that seems different…

    Don’t worry. You are not alone.

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    I’m Adrienne Percy and I have taught hundreds of people around the world traditional food skills – from fat rendering to fermentation.

    Most of the people I teach worry about the very same things you do…

    And there is a solution.

    Yup. Once *you* are confident in what you are doing – because you have learned the ‘how’ and ‘why’ – it becomes a whole lot easier to make food from scratch that is both delicious and healing.

    How do I know?

    I was once where you are today…

    And I spent years figuring it out for myself. From a completely mainstream diet with a good dose of processed food, to vegetarianism to raw veganism.

    I tried it all…

    Nothing felt *quite* right. Until I found traditional foods…Soon the landmark cookbook, Nourishing Traditions, became the most dog-eared guide in our kitchen.

    Over the past several years I have been researching traditional foods and teaching courses. I have travelled and interviewed, talked to, and heard from authors, scientists, doctors, business owners, bloggers and mothers who have have seen and felt the benefits of traditional foods in their homes, communities and practices.

    More importantly, I have lived and breathed Traditional Foods in my own home…

    me and hThat’s been my test kitchen and my family has been my barometer – of what works and what needed to be tweaked.

    Being a busy mom while teaching and running a homestead has inspired me to take potentially complicated processes and concepts and boil them down to their simplest, most practical form.

    To make traditional foods totally and completely accessible in today’s kitchen.

    And I designed Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen with that in mind…

    “Adrienne has found a way to bring traditional wisdom into my busy and hectic lifestyle.

    Ashley PharazynThis class was fun, educational and showed me just how easy it is to implement these new skills into my own kitchen. It has also helped me find affordable ways to take care of my family. Our health has improved from introducing cultured foods into our daily diet, and I am so thankful for all of my new found knowledge.”

    ~ Ashley Pharazyn

    Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen is a 5 month *online course. You will learn the key principles of traditional foods and how to bring them into your home in a way that is simple, sustainable and delicious…


    What you will learn:

    1. Lacto-fermentation: Lacto-fermentation has been used by people around the world to preserve food long before freezers, pressure cookers and canners ever made their way into our lives…You would be hard-pressed to find a region- and group of people- that doesn’t have it’s own history of fermented foods.


    2. Nourishing bone broths: Find out why the healing properties of broth have been well documented throughout history. Learn how to make your own nourishing bone broths from chicken, beef and fish.

    3. Proper preparation of beans, nuts and seeds. It’s more important than you think. Learn how preparation affects digestion and nutrient assimilation. We will sample plenty of great recipes like seed crackers and dahl and honest-to-goodness good for you granola.

    4. Nose to tail eating. How eating *more* parts- think oxtail and organs could save your pocket book – and your health. Find out why grandma ate liver at least once a week and why pate needs to make a comeback in your kitchen.

    5. Sourdough. So much more than ‘friendship bread’. We’ll take a walk back through time to find out why people around the world made naturally leavened bread- and you will learn the joy and health benefits of properly preparing sourdough breads, muffins and crackers.

    spelt bread in hand

    6. Traditional fats: How lard, butter, ghee, coconut and olive oil are different from modern fats like canola oil, soy oil and margarine. You’ll learn how to render fat simply how to use it. We will also take a look at what fats to use in what situations- baking, frying, sautéing, etc.

    Check out the complete course outline here.

    What you get with the course:

    • 6 modules covering the foundational principles of Traditional Foods
    • Insight into the history and nutritional basis for each food skill
    • Tutorial videos
    • Recipes
    • Handouts
    • An invitation to join me for live Q and A calls
    • Access to an exclusive online forum for course members
    • An opportunity to move on to Level II Teacher Training

    How does an online class work?

    I’m glad you asked…

    I am committed to delivering the class in a way that suits *your* learning style. That’s why you get:

    • Videos where I demonstrate essential techniques step-by-step.
    • Comprehensive handouts and recipes.
    • Access to an online forum chock full of helpful, supportive and like-minded people.
    • An invitation to join me for live calls – where you can ask questions ~or~ submit them in advance. These calls are taped so no worries if you miss one.

    Danielle Nykoluk

    “This class was the perfect solution – I could hear it, read it and DO IT!

    Adrienne’s classes have solidified my knowledge and skills and I’ve gone back into my own kitchen and incorporated these new skills month by month with ease!”

    ~ Danielle Nykoluk


    I’m not sure an online class will work for me…

    I hear you. I felt the same way for a long time. But then I took courses where the material was delivered in a clear, compelling way. Where course participants had proper, individual support. I loved it and as a busy mother, I also realized the value of lifetime access to course material…

    Have you ever been in a classroom and zoned out for a few minutes? And when you snap back you have a sneaking suspicion you’ve missed something important? Well, that won’t happen in an online class. Just stop, take a break or back up when you need clarification. You can watch, read or listen to the material as many times as necessary to absorb what you need.

    And if you get busy, or your child has an off day (or a concert or soccer practice), you don’t miss a class. You just pick up where you left off when you are ready…

    When it’s all said and done, here’s what you will have:

    • The practical skills required to bring introduce traditional food skills into your kitchen (or to build on what you have already been doing)
    • An understanding of the nutritional evidence that makes traditional foods important to this day
    • The ability to prepare dozens of new recipes that are kid and family-tested
    • Strategies for making it all manageable and implementing a traditional food prep rhythm into your home…

    Revelry Hart“The time and money spent in this class is so worth it!

    The knowledge I gained was so empowering and valuable for my family’s whole food journey. The things I learned will be a part of our lives for years to come and the understanding I gained of our local food resources has really helped me source and appreciate the amazing food in our province.”

    ~ Reverly Hart

    I would highly recommend any class that Adrienne has to offer…

    Michelle Card McNeill“Adrienne is an inspiration to me. Her ability to connect with all walks-of-life and to share her passion for traditional nourishing foods is contagious. She breaks down seemingly complicated and overwhelming skills into easy step-by-step tasks. It makes you wonder what you thought was so difficult in the first place.”

    ~ Michelle Card McNeill

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    Still have questions? Get in touch with me here: info AT adriennepercy DOT com (looks funny but prevents spam 😉 and we’ll arrange a time for a call. It’s reassuring to talk in person sometimes, isn’t it?

    Or, if it works better for you, just email your questions.

    TWMK Money Back Guarantee: The TWMK tribe is full of committed, passionate women whose work is a catalyst for change in their community that’s why if you are not completely satisfied with the class, I will refund your tuition- *no questions asked.

    *Refunds are not available before the class starts or after the release of Module 2.

    Level II




    If you have ever dreamed of a career teaching real, sustainable food skills to others in your community, this course (TWMK Level I) is a pre-requisite for the Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen Teacher Training.