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    “Adrienne has found a way to bring traditional wisdom into my busy and hectic lifestyle.

    Ashley PharazynThis class was fun, educational and showed me just how easy it is to implement these new skills into my own kitchen. It has also helped me find affordable ways to take care of my family. Our health has improved from introducing cultured foods into our daily diet, and I am so thankful for all of my new found knowledge.”

    ~ Ashley Pharazyn

    Danielle Nykoluk“This class was the perfect solution.

    Reading about what and how to do things has worked for me (for some things), but other things seemed intimidating… This class was the perfect solution – I could hear it, read it and DO IT! Adrienne’s classes have solidified my knowledge and skills and I’ve gone back into my own kitchen and incorporated these new skills month by month with ease!”

    ~ Danielle Nykoluk

    Revelry Hart“The time and money spent in this class is so worth it!

    The knowledge I gained was so empowering and valuable for my family’s whole food journey. The things I learned will be a part of our lives for years to come and the understanding I gained of our local food resources has really helped me source and appreciate the amazing food in our province.”

    ~ Reverly Hart

    Traditional foods teacher training- is it for you? from Adrienne Percy

    “Adrienne has a warm and welcoming teaching style with an amazing ability to multi-task!

    I have learned so many tidbits along the way, many of which weren’t part of the formal class. There was lots of variety in the lessons with a good base of theory/class time and hands on practice. I am looking forward to participating in future classes that Adrienne holds! I strongly recommend spending time with Adrienne and allowing her to share her traditional wisdom with you!”

    ~ Debbie Frechette

    Reta Chapman
    “With a stick of butter in one hand, and a kraut pounder in the other, Adrienne brings passion and tradition to the kitchen.

    I learned so much in this class – and had so many questions answered.”

    ~ Reta Chapman

    Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen helped me to gain the knowledge and recipes necessary to begin implementing more nutritious food into our family’s meals.

    The course was presented in a very mom-friendly way, spaced out just so to enable us to gradually add new things to our menu at home. Adrienne Percy has a talent for simplifying the most complex of traditional goodies so that the everyday over-rushed and overwhelmed can add to their family’s health and happiness!”

    ~ Julie McLean

    “I would highly recommend any class that Adrienne has to offer…


    “…little did I realize how much this course would change the way I look at food and my health!

    testimonial-andreaWhen I started [Adrienne’s course], I was mostly just interested in finding an alternative to canning. I like having home-made preserves and storing produce away for winter, but I was not enjoying the process! Fermenting foods sounded a lot easier, and more creative. I was especially drawn in by [her] encouragement to experiment with ferments and suit the recipes to my own tastes. But little did I realize how much this course would change the way I look at food and my health!

    The seminars provided in this course gave me a whole new roadmap for understanding my body and released me from many of the ‘diet’ fears of our age. For years, I had always been careful about how much oil and animal fats I consumed, not only for fear of gaining weight but also because these foods usually led to painful stomach cramps, gas and nausea. However, this seemed to change overnight once I started drinking kefir and eating fermented foods. What’s more, cravings that I usually had for salty and sour foods were finally satisfied! I’m no longer fighting with my body and I actually understand what my body needs to be well-nourished. In a way, I have also found peace with food itself and feel free to be more creative and really love what I eat.

    On top of these health benefits, I have found cultured foods to be a way of growing the community around me. I always seem to be running in to people who want to know more and want to start learning these skills for themselves. Often, these people have also struggled with health problems that seem to disappear once they get ‘hooked’! I especially love overhearing my husband (who was initially cautious about fermenting) singing the praises of kefir to his friends and family. Teaching others about fermented foods has enriched many of our relationships and brought new people into my circle, and I’ve been blessed to see them support one another and myself as we work towards greater health in our community.”

    ~Andrea Wheeldon – Manitoba, Canada

    sage-dave“…stellar job of connecting the wisdom of traditional health food techniques with the day-to-day realities of modern family life…

    Adrienne does a stellar job of connecting the wisdom of traditional health food techniques with the day-to-day realities of modern family life. She is often praised for her depth of knowledge and hands-on approach, which reflect her personal commitment to the techniques shared in class, and Adrienne’s broader involvement in the real food movement. I highly recommend her courses for an in-depth learning experience.”

    ~ Dave Hanson, Founder, Sage Garden Herbs

    “I loved Adrienne’s session!”

    • “I loved Adrienne’s session because she shows us practical things to do at home and they are easy”
    • “…talked about proven methods”
    • “It was interesting and simple to understand”
    • “great practical content!”
    • “more food preserving and fermentation skills are important”
    • “I learned how easy it is to render fat!”
    • “Both workshops gave me ideas of how to actually create amazing healthy products!”
    • “Great info. Great presentation style!”
    • “I learned things I can apply in my daily life!”

    ~Growing Local conference reviews, Food Matters Manitoba

    “[Adrienne’s] commitment to reclaiming food skills…is contagious!

    “A friend took the Cultured Kitchen course and then used the great hands-on guide that was provided to throw a “Cultured Kitchen In-Home Workshop” for three friends. We had a great Saturday and thanks to Adrienne I am now I am making Kimchi, Sauerkraut, and lemon juice dill pickles on a regular basis . Her commitment to reclaiming food skills and generously sharing knowledge is contagious!”.