• There’s a Revolution Where?!

    danielle-blog-postBy Danielle Nykoluk
    TWMK Certified Teacher

    That’s right…in my kitchen!

    After reading the article “Small Steps Can Change Our World” by Joel Salatin in the June/July 2014 issue of Mother Earth News, I found myself thinking about my daily life practices and how I’m working towards positive change for our planet, one mouthful at a time!

    A “Kitchen Revolution” of sorts…

    Salatin’s article further drove home for me, the realization that every time I make a meal I am slowly helping to de-fund big agribusiness corporations and take the reins of my health and the health of the planet.

    Here’s how:
    I source in-season, whole, local, compost grown food any chance I get and prepare, process, package and preserve it as often as possible using traditional food wisdom.

    What does that look like?

    • Well, I have a farmer…or 2. (kinda like how people have a doctor… ). I get vegetables, eggs, and meat from them sometimes weekly, monthly, or seasonally.
    • I purchase odds and ends, and things my farmers may not have (flour, honey, some meats, etc.) from a local food co-op year round.
    • I purchase artisan products and other nice, neat, and desired items seasonally at local farmers markets.
    • I volunteer a few times a season at a local fruit-share organization and in exchange for my time and labour picking fruit, I get a cut of the bounty of the sweet fruit picked!
    • Our family grows a garden + we forage wild foods!

    Then – I simply process, prepare, package and preserve this food using traditional food skills like fermentation, dehydrating, canning, freezing, etc. I make bone broths, cultured vegetables and drinks, soaked seeds and sourdough bread (to name a few)…

    {Want to know more on that? Check out the Teacher Profile page to find upcoming classes on these skills near you!}

    Now let me clarify my “Kitchen Revolution” a bit here… It’s not absolute or perfect (yes I still go to grocery stores to purchase items). This revolution is built on flexibility and fluctuations. It is a guideline I follow liberally to influence positive change and strengthen my health and the local economy and environment in which I live. I foster change one mouthful at a time.

    Change looks like my health and well-being, a strong local economy, connections to farmers and producers, a healthy environment with green pastures, blue waterways, sunny skies and flourishing plants and animals.

    Don’t be disempowered by the perspective that big agribusiness and the food production industry is too big to tackle. Take hold of your health and the health of the planet!

    Be a rebel; join the revolution – one bite at a time! Get into your kitchen!

    Adrienne: Thanks, Danielle! LOVE IT! You + Salatin = inspiration!

    Author bio

    danielle-NykolukDanielle is a certified traditional foods teacher and young working professional in Winnipeg, aspiring to eventually become a back-to-the-lander.

    Until then, she resides in a small, 2 bedroom “Fartment” (wanna-be-farm-house-apartment) with her partner (and their 5 bicycles) in the heart of Winnipeg, cultivating their own *Gaian Wisdom*.

    They make their own dirt (through farming worms – vermicomposting), grow window herbs and plants, and nurture various cultures of bacteria’s. Change for Danielle begins in her kitchen. Danielle desires to advocate for change by sharing information, and empower and teaching people the skills to Do-It-Themselves – starting in their own kitchens!

    Danielle would love to invite you on over to her Fartment to learn about traditional foods, or she’d be equally happy heading on over to your kitchen to teach you (and maybe some friends) there! Check out the teacher directory for information on how to contact her today, along with some of her upcoming classes!

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    I thought we were doing well before, but you have really helped clarify, simplify and basically transform our kitchen.

    Shauna Simpson Winnipeg, MB March 10, 2014

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