• 5 tips to streamline your kitchen prep

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    I love feeding my family good food. Nourishing food. Food they will remember and that will be a part of their childhood memories.

    Food that will bring them back home time and again as adults…

    But, I don’t like spending all of my time in the kitchen. Seems like a funny paradox huh? I’ve done both- having popped things out of packages and boxes to warm in the oven (or even the microwave).

    And I have slaved making scratch meal after scratch meal. And worse yet (for someone like me) I’ve spent waaay too much time doing the resultant dishes…

    Luckily this isn’t an EITHER OR scenario. Because what I have found out over the years, is that you can cook from scratch without burning yourself out or going crazy.

    It can be (or stay) fun. Really.

    It just takes a bit of planning. Not even alot of planning. And a few simple ‘shortcuts’ that can cut hours off your meal prep time.

    Want to know what I mean?

    Watch the video for 5 tips that I use streamline my kitchen prep (so I can skip off into the sunset and do all the other things I enjoy)…



    Now, I want to know (and so do all the other sisters out there): Do you have some timesaving tips that have helped you overcome kitchen overwhelm?

    Share them in the comments below!

    p.s. Are you feeling ready to make 2014 the year you get your kitchen mojo back? Consider joining me for the Menu Planning Maven online class, starting February 3. See what other mamas had to say after taking the class last year.



    1. Lindsay says:

      Great tips! One thing I do is batch cooking. Whenever I make meat sauce, meatballs, curry or anything else that freezes well, I make 2-3 times what we need and freeze the rest. I freeze it in zip locks and push it flat so it fits east in the freezer nicely and thaws easily. Having these in hand has saved the day many times!

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    I thought we were doing well before, but you have really helped clarify, simplify and basically transform our kitchen.

    Shauna Simpson Winnipeg, MB March 10, 2014

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