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    • Purple Haze Kraut

        You might *think* you don’t like kraut- but maybe it’s because you haven’t tried this version. It’s tangy, yet sweet, and the caraway gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s a relatively new creation in my kitchen, but one that people keep asking for – ... More
    • Quick and easy turkey broth

      Thanksgiving = turkey for an awful lot of people and it’s no different when our extra large family comes together to share this fall meal. While everyone undoubtedly enjoys the turkey adorned with freshly-made cranberry sauce, I look forward to all the delicious broth that can be made ... More
    • The sacred superfood you’re avoiding (but shouldn’t)

      When was the last time you were menu planning and thought, ‘oh yes! Thursday is liver night!’ Uh huh. I thought so… Although we tend to shun organ meats today, they have been  revered in cultures around the world throughout history. Liver, for example was prized for its ability ... More
    • 5 tips to streamline your kitchen prep

      I love feeding my family good food. Nourishing food. Food they will remember and that will be a part of their childhood memories. Food that will bring them back home time and again as adults… But, I don’t like spending all of my time in the kitchen. ... More
    • Is my kombucha scoby still good?

      Question: I have a kombucha question: I left my scoby in a little liquid in a dark place all summer, and I’ve now begun to brew again, is it safe to continue brewing, or have I neglected it for too long? ~Lyne Answer:  Good question Lyne. If you are ... More